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Client Reactivation

Jenny specialises in working with businesses who can’t justify hiring a full time sales person. She enables these businesses to benefit from her sales expertise without the commitment.


Maintaining contact with clients is critical in order to:


  • Avoid missed opportunities
  • Gain feedback from your customers
  • Avoid the niggling feeling of ‘I should have called them back’
  • Win easier sales and extra revenue from clients who know and like your product



girl with phone
cold calling

Cold Calling

Jenny is able to cold call for you. It is difficult for a business owner who is tied up in the day to day running of the operation to get on the phone.


Making sales calls however is often a vital part of getting any business off the ground or back in the game after a downturn.


By using Jenny’s cold calling services you can:


  • Get new and unexpected sales and revenue
  • Book new meetings
  • Gain new contacts that can then be marketed to
  • Clean up your database so you have accurate contact information
  • Represent your business in the most professional and friendly manner



Jenny can assist you with your entire sales process to maximise the potential of your business by engaging with your clients in the perfect way. Utilising years of experience of end to end sales Jenny can help you:


  • Design a sales process, what is the best way to first engage with your clients
  • Write marketing communications – how to keep in touch with your clients
  • Create marketing contact lists
  • Sales training for your staff
  • Recruitment of new sales staff, when you are ready for the next step




Please call or email with your issue for quotation, services start from $500


Let’s talk about your next project